Asset Managment


Intellys provides comprehensive software solutions for Asset Management and Software Auditing.Our products will help maintain infrastructure in an easy and cost effective manner by allowing:

  • Management of desktops, laptops and servers throughout the organization.
  • Verification of software license compliance.
  • Problem reporting and resolution for hardware or software issues.
  • Providing accurate listings of equipment in preparation for software transitions, such as operating system migrations and application upgrades.
  • Assessment of cost savings opportunities.
  • Interactive report generation and exporting capabilities for external inventory analysis


Intellys Asset Management Suite
Pro-AMS is an integrated and comprehensive solution for PC auditing and asset management. It provides powerful control over the diverse IT assets of your business. You can dynamically track hardware components, software, configurations, and other critical asset information. More…

Intellys Network Scanning Suite
Pro-NSS is an comprehensive network scanning solution to assist in providing detailed specifications regarding nodes on your network. More…

Intellys Help Desk Suite
Pro-HDS is an integrated and comprehensive web-based solution for Help Desk functions with built in Active Directory integration. Our Help Desk Suite is completely web-based and is tightly integrated with other Intellys solutions. More…

Intellys Metering Software Suite
Pro-MSS is an integrated and comprehensive solution that allows your organization to monitor software usage and licensing. Use this application in conjunction with Pro-AMS to ascertain what/where applications are physically installed within your organization, and determine if applications are being used, and how often. Reclaim workstation software licenses that are not being used! More…