Intellys’ Customers may select desired services allowing a tailored approach to network equipment implementation. Intellys will provide the skills and knowledge necessary to add one or many devices into a new or existing network and ensure their network wide operation.

  • Provision of a site survey checklist for Intellys’ Customer use (Intellys will conduct a paid survey on request)
  • Assignment of a Project Manager
  • Kickoff Project Meeting
  • Develop an agreed statement of work if needed
  • Installation Project Plan development
  • Coordination of installs etc.
  • Scheduling of installation between Intelligent Networks and your Representative prior to dispatching field personnel.
  • Physical Installation (Unpacking, mounting, connection of power)
  • Loading of a ready made Customer Generated Configuration to establish network connectivity
  • Connecting the appropriate Customer supplied network interfaces (WAN/LAN) using the appropriate equipment cables
  • Running our recommended equipment diagnostics
  • Running unit diagnostics and correction of malfunctions caused by a defect in the installed equipment
  • Installation and test of remote dialup console access if provided.
  • Testing of Telco “Backbone” trunks as appropriate.
  • Validation of network interface status and notification of any carrier issues.
  • Completing a check of your installed equipment by executing next hop reach-ability verification.
  • De-installation of on-site equipment when replaced by Intellys installed equipment. (Does not include equipment removal) Acceptance check list as provided by Intellys
  • Cut over support / migration strategy
  • Real time Documentation in SystemTask©
  • Inside wiring, other than to a approved Telco demarcation point


Additional Installation Services

These services may be added if all necessary requirements for the listed services above have not been provided

  • Movement of equipment to final installation destination
  • Electrical Work to external to equipment
  • Special access arrangements to and from data center
  • Correcting a faulty Customer performed installation
  • Inside wiring, other than to a Telco demarcation point
  • Special On-Site assistance in which you request equipment/software reconsideration or modification. This also includes any engineering services from our remote monitoring facility or our Technical Support Staff
  • De-installation and/or relocation of any equipment at present site or to new site.
  • Obtaining special permits, authorization etc.
  • Any repair service you request which is normally not included
  • Installation of used manufacturer equipment when not sold by manufacturer
  • Central site software configuration support when only a remote unit is installed
  • Any parts not covered by an installation order
  • Any expansion to the installation that you request and Intellys agree to perform
  • Additional trips resulting from inaccurate information; Failure to meet committed times or dates as indicated during coordinated process

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