Project Managment


Dedicated project managers oversee the entire installation process from start to finish, and work with Intellys Customer’s staff to custom plan, integrate, and implement the network.

Services Include:

  • Project plan show time lines, contacts and subcontractors to be used in electronic format.
  • Installation scheduling and coordination
  • Real time status reports with email confirmations
  • Custom testing to include power up testing, local loop back, BERT test, verification of standard optioning, end to end BERT testing to verify equipment and line integrity, verification of equipment operation including cables and lines
  • Final system acceptance certification based on Customer / Intellys agreement
  • Coordination of meetings – Intervals to be set by Customer / Intellys
  • Dedicated project manager bears responsibility for completing project tasks as identified in SOW.

Additional Focal Point for:

  • Provisioning/ordering appropriate network equipment
  • Provisioning of circuits
  • Planning Access Lines
  • Planning Facility
  • Configuration Consultation
  • Serviceability Review and Recommendations
  • LAN Performance Audits
  • Cable Certification Audit
  • WAN Performance Audit
  • Network Benchmark Studies

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